Woodlands glasgow

Woodlands – Glasgow
Edward [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons

When you hear the word Woodlands, it’s pretty hard not to be taken away to a fabled land of magic and mysticism. The great thing is that this is actually the name of an entire region in Scotland – and if we’re honest it certainly looks as magical as you might imagine. Now we know what you’re thinking… who lives in the trees exactly? Well, no one that we know of – but that doesn’t mean that people can’t live alongside some of the oldest forests in the United Kingdom!

What can you expect to find in this region?

Beyond a stunning variety of tree species, you’ll also find a bustling community with friendly locals, a low crime rate and a very appealing way of life. Just east of Hillhead (another lovely location), this district plays host to families, businesses and even has its own council. As the University of Glasgow shares the same vicinity as this region, it’s not uncommon to find that large numbers of students are fortunate enough to call this area their home.
The architecture is ridiculously beautiful, with blonde sandstone being the most common resource used in the construction of buildings. Although many fashion outlets, retail stores and eateries have updated their looks – others have retained their traditional appearance, making this region one of the most versatile and well-adapted in Scotland.

And what of the beauty salons and hair treatment clinics?

We can think of a handful of very reputable salons in this region off of the top of our head, but the best way to really get to see what’s available is by booking a trip, checking our listings and seeing which beauty clinic appeals to you the most. We’re not exaggerating when we say that there are dozens to choose from – and what would you expect from an area filled with friendly residents?

The great thing about the salons nearby is that many of them employ students that have been qualified in beauty therapy from the local college and university. This can help you to keep your costs low, whilst still allowing you to enjoy fantastic results from a trained professional!