Situated neatly in the heart of Glasgow is Townhead; an affluent location that doesn’t have any fixed boundaries and is often expanding to incorporate other regions closeby. Unlike the suburban areas that have their own namesakes and heritages, this one is simply named for its proximity to the centre of the location. It’s part residential and part commercial, with one of the most prominent sights being the Transformation Award – a title (and monument) given after the location underwent extensive renovation just a few decades ago.

Is there much to do here?

Well, the simple answer to that would have to be yes and no. Yes if you like shopping, nightlife and family outings; no if you prefer to hide under a pillow until the sun goes away. Part of the regions award was for the improvement to the facilities and amenities locally. After receiving vast sums of external funding, entire streets were re-paved, allowing for new businesses to establish themselves – and this is why you’ll find plenty to do nearby.

There are dozens of shops and retail outlets, a host of eateries and even a couple of delicatessens (at least one of which offers very tasty Italian products). Getting around is easy too, thanks in no small part to the active bus routes and the array of cab services that call the location their base of operation.

And what of the beauty and hair salons?

If you’re looking to update your hair style or enjoy a clean, fresh face without spending hundreds and hundreds on a high quality service, then you’re in the right place. Townhead features a range of beauty salons and treatment clinics for its residents to enjoy – but as all of the centres are open for business, even visitors can book an appointment and enjoy the results.

And how’s best to do this you ask? By taking a look at our listings, recording a few contact details and getting in touch with the local salons of course! We’re always here to help should you need us for advice or guidance, so don’t hesitate to get in touch if you need to.