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If the idea of being in the Scottish Highlands appeals to you, then you won’t get much ‘higher’ than when visiting Partick. This region used to be dedicated to the local police force until 1912, when it was finally incorporated into the local boroughs. It’s very traditional in nature in some parts; with some ATM machines even displaying their text in Gaelic – but fortunately for visitors there are plenty of ways to correspond in English everywhere else!

Is it easy to get around in this region?

In our experience (and that of our audience), this has to be one of the easiest locations in Glasgow to travel around. With several bus services operating from 6am until late (and some offering 24 hour services), not to mention the variety of cab agencies – it can be simple getting from A to B and then back again.

There are also two train lines that run through the region, making it easy to travel to and from outside areas – which might be appealing to you if you’re simply planning on passing through to take in the lifestyle. If you’re really keen to explore the fashion scene, there are several well-known retail stores on the high street, as well as a selection of fairly-priced boutiques and clothing outlets.

And what about the salons?

We know that our audience love nothing more than learning about some of the best salons in the area and at UK 10 Best, we don’t plan to disappoint! Fortunately for you, this region plays host to more than a handful of reputable salons; some of which specialise in hair care and others in beauty – and one or two of them even provide laser surgeries and cosmetic procedures.

It all depends on what you are looking for from your beauty salon. If you want world-class results, you might want to set a little more aside to cover the costs, but as many of our audience have said; there’s no questioning the quality of the results. Why not take a look at our listings for yourself?