Situated neatly on the Allander Water way is Milngavie, a quaint township in East Dunbartonshire in Glasgow. This quiet location has one of the lowest crime rates in the United Kingdom and with a population of roughly 13,000 residents, it’s as peaceful and harmonious as you might expect from a region this far north in the country.

Is it easy to get around here?

Surprisingly enough it’s actually very straight forward to get from A to B in this region – mainly due to the fact that the bus services are funded by the local government, so they can afford to run frequently and from the morning until late at night. There is also a tram system in place that runs straight through the area (the Glasgow Tramway System), as well as a variety of cab agencies on the main high street.

If you’re into shopping you won’t be disappointed, as the high street also features several boutiques and retail outlets for those hoping to spend their hard earned cash on the latest trends. If you are religious or appreciate historic buildings in general, the Friendship House may be worth a visit (which is also an Episcopal Church dedicated to St. Andrew).

And what of the salons and clinics?

Ah yes – we thought that you might ask! Fortunately for you, there are plenty to choose from. We’ve come across those that specialise in hair care, those that offer advanced beauty therapies and even one or two laser clinics. As the local Glasgow College churns out plenty of new therapists every year, we’re sure that you’ll appreciate the low costs and the wide availability.

To get started, why not take a look at our listings to see the types of salons that are available? Once you find on that you like you can simply get in touch with them and book yourself an appointment!