The Kelvingrove Art Gallery and Museum can be one of the most appealing reasons to visit this part of Glasgow. It features over 9,000 pieces of art and is so large that the building can be seen from space. It’s also situated neatly on Argyle Street, which just so happens to be a hub for entertainment and other activities.

Is there much else to do in this area?

There sure is. If you like the idea of walking along a riverside in good company, then the nearby River Kelvin is within walking distance from most directions. There’s also the Kelvingrove Park to the south of the region; an iconic nature reserve that plays host to hundreds of species of animals, as well as it offering vast acres of land to enjoy a picnic or simply take in the sights.

Travelling can be fairly simple, what with so many coaches offering their transportation services because of the local art gallery. If you’d prefer to avoid boarding a coach there are a handful of taxi services in the region, or you could buy a bus pass and travel with ease right up until the early hours of the morning. There’s also a big fashion scene for those wanting to buy the latest clothing, or enjoy the newest trends.

Are there any salons here?

Would an iconic region like this be anywhere near as legendary if it didn’t have at least a handful of salons? We don’t think so, but in any event Kelvingrove actually offers a variety of beauty salons and hair clinics for your enjoyment. Some are a little luxurious in nature – and these ones can sometimes be a bit more expensive.

There are still plenty of traditional salons to choose from however, and we’ve made a point of featuring them within our listings for your convenience. It won’t matter which type of therapy interests you or how much you have to spend – if you want to enjoy your stay whilst looking great, head on over and take a look for yourself now!