East Renfrewshire
wfmillar [CC BY-SA 2.0], via Wikimedia Commons

Siorrachd Rinn Friu an Ear, or if you don’t speak Gaelic – East Renfrewshire is an idyllic little suburb just south of Scotland’s mid-riff. Now if you’re planning on moving here then you’ll be pleased to hear that this region was given 2nd place within the whole of the United Kingdom to raise a family. And where so many areas in this part of the country are considered cut off from the outside world – there’s even a Facebook page dedicated to this region to really share all that the district has to offer!

What types of things can you see and do here?

Okay, so if you’re into history and culture then you won’t be disappointed. There are several small castles and forts dotted around the region; some of which are in ruin but others are still being maintained by the local authorities. Surprisingly, there is also a moderately sized fashion scene – thanks in no small part to the range of high street retailers that you’ll find as you travel into the centre of the region.

It’s relatively easy to get around as well, with buses running every hour – but if you’d prefer not to wait and take in the stunning scenery, you could always get a cab, or hire a car from one of the handful of vehicle rental companies. For those of you that are into nightlife, there are even a few clubs – but we know what you’re really here for and we don’t think it’s partying…

You’re here for the salons!

Okay, so what modern man or woman could go through life without having their beauty regimes taken care of by an expert? Not many in our experience – and for those of you that are keen to learn about the beauty salons, hair and nail clinics and day spas in this region; you won’t be disappointed. First of all, there are several within driving distance. Secondly, most are very affordable.

So, what have you got to lose by taking a look at what’s out there? The majority that we’ve come across are happy to provide walk-in bookings, but we always find it easier to book in advance, so why not take a look at our listings and see if you can give one (or five) a call to book a session?