The pleasant district of Dowanhill in Glasgow might not be as well-known as others in the region, but that doesn’t mean that it’s any less appealing. With stunning sights in all direction and a recently renovated high street, there can be many reasons why you might want to visit. The private communal gardens of Dowanhill are by far some of the loveliest that we’ve ever seen – and there are several villas in the area for those wanting to stay in style.

And what about the entertainment?

You might not think that quieter districts in Scotland prioritise entertainment for their residents, but the truth is that this one certainly does. The majority of attractions are organic in nature, such as the Botanic Gardens that can be visited all year around. If you’re into history then you’ll be pleased to hear that this region played host to the only US President in 1869, where Jefferson Davis stayed in one of the villas during his visit.

Getting around could be a little easier, but that’s only because we are so used to the active bus and cab services offered by other parts of the country! That being said, if you take your own car then you shouldn’t find any difficulties, but if you don’t mind waiting for a few minutes longer than average you could always board one of the local buses and get to where you need to be.

Are there any salons here?

There certainly are – and they are just as high quality as you might expect. There are some that offer extensive beauty therapies, as well as those that feature cosmetic surgeries instead. If you are here for the hair care potential then you won’t be disappointed, in fact this region has some of the most highly qualified hair stylists in Glasgow – many of which would be happy to help you today.

The best thing to do to start your search is to dive into our listings and see what’s available. Once you find one that you like the sound of it’s easy to get in touch – and you can do all of that without any obligation whatsoever!