The small district of Dennistoun is situated just north of River Clyde and boasts some of the most appealing landscapes in Glasgow. It has a low population (of about 11,000 inhabitants) and the vast majority of these residents are tenants, as opposed to property owners. That being said, if you’re planning on visiting there are also dozens of villas to book yourself in to; many of which are Victorian in nature.

What is there to do here?

The early plans for renovating the region were to appeal to affluent middle-class residents, but when it was discovered that the area was too far north to appeal to these individuals, renovations were put into place to offer affordable housing for families. And then came the vast range of commercial outlets hoping to offer their goods and services to the new residents.

This led to one of the most affordable regions in Glasgow and these days you will find a host of fashion outlets, grocery shops and supermarkets, butchers, bakers and even the odd candlestick maker. For those of you that are looking for entertainment, you will find the local Alexandra Park and the estate of Golfhill for those wanting to enjoy their surroundings. There are also a couple of cinemas within driving distance of the region and Alexandra Parade, which features Italian delicatessens and upmarket confectionary shops.

How do the salons look?

Like buildings with doors really. Okay, so that wasn’t that amusing for one of our legendary jokes, but it did make us chuckle. If you are looking for an effective and affordable beauty salon or hair care clinic then you will have plenty to choose from. The great thing is that the majority, if not all of them, are very affordable, so much so that you could enjoy a therapy for much less than other parts of Glasgow with minimal fuss.

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