Importance Of Blush, Bronzer And Luminiser

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Before we jump into the importance of blush, bronzer and luminiser, it is first important to differentiate between the three. No, they are not the same they are different make-up products.

Blush: They are pigmented powders that add the rosy glow to the cheeks. Blushes are now available as sticks, creams and pressed powder. The available shades are plenty ranging from plum to peach. The colour you choose ultimately depends on your skin tone and colour. Powder blush is usually applied using a blush brush. Cream-based blushes are more apt for skin and stays on the skin for a much lesser time.

Importance of blush:

Blush adds a healthy glow to your skin. It makes the skin look flushed without the need to spend an hour at the gym to achieve the same result.

Not all of us are born with high cheekbones. With the right application you will have high, sculpted cheekbones

Take the attention off your eyes and lips by adding a hint of orange or pink to give you a much youthful look

Bronzer: Adding warmth to your skin tone is achieved by using a bronzer. They work by complimenting your skin tone and not by taking focus away from it. Add it over your eye lid and it doubles as an eye shadow. Use it on the bridge of your nose for face contouring. You achieve the sun-kissed look without stepping out into the sun.

Importance of a bronzer:

Get sun-kissed cheeks by dusting a hint of bronzer over your cheekbones. Don’t overdo it lest it looks flat and muddy.

Make your nose appear smaller by contouring it using a bronzer. The nose bridge appears narrower when you apply bronzer on either side.

Skin tone is evened out by mixing a dash of bronzer with your liquid foundation.

Hiding freckles is easier by using the right amount of a bronzer.

Luminiser: Want to make your face look fresh instantly? Luminiser is the key. They are available as powders and creams, and a hint of shimmer on your face turns your look from drab to glamourous. You can use the luminiser on your body as well. Accentuate your prominent collar bone to make your neck look longer. Luminisers are meant to add light to your face.

Importance of luminisers:

Adds an instant glow to tired looking skin.

A luminiser is as versatile as a bronzer. A powder luminiser can be mixed with your liquid foundation and applied all over the face or can be used as a highlighter to bring out the cheekbones.

Applied right after the foundation, the luminiser can create a triangle of light. It is the easiest face contouring trick.

The next time you are in a fix on what to use and what to skip, remember that a bronzer can be used all over your face to give you a sun-kissed face, a blush is to add colour to the apple of your cheeks, and a luminiser will make your face glow.